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Koppadasao Koppadasao 30 May 2010


Pronouns: The vehicles of nouns, where nouns ride in the back seat, hidden from view, but not forgotten.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...., and more decisions. A new language needs rules, some to be broken when needed and some to be carved in stone, but where to start?

Having decided the grammar of verbs and nouns, choosing tenses and declination, how to do the evil deeds and how to talk about it was necessary. Most languages use suffixes of one kind or another, I decided on prefixes. For verbs I chose gro- for future tense, and fre- for past tense, thereby creating the first part of the phonology. At the same time I chose the name, Delang - more phonology added. For nouns i chose an-, d(e)-, c(e)-, des-, dez- and ka-, adding more phonolo…

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Koppadasao Koppadasao 30 May 2010

Why Delang breaks every rule known to conlangers...

I've been watching some of the Emperor's musings about the rules of language creation. As far as I can see I've broken every one of them...

  1. Start with phonology...
    Oh, forget it. It's not the sound of the language one is creating, but a way of communication. Phonology flows natural as the dictionary are filled with words.
  2. Phonotactics
    Decide how vowels and consonants interact, I guess. Yeah, but still, if one is developing a way of communication, phonology and the interaction between vowels and consonants will flow naturally.
  3. Grammar
    Oh, yeah, now your talking. No communication is possible without a set of rules describing how the structure of the language is. Syntax and Grammar is paramount.
  4. Semantics?
    Isn't this all about…
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